Bakery in Capitol Hill is open!!


Where is Sweet Crimes located?

We are in the process of building our own space in Capitol Hill (yay!), but in the mean time we use the kitchen space in the back of Ice Cream Jubilee (1407 T St NW, Washington, DC). This is not a storefront for us, but customers can pick up their orders at this location.


Is Sweet Crimes exclusively gluten free?

YES. The kitchen we use is uniquely ours and we use all of our own equipment.


Does Sweet Crimes have dairy free products, too?

YES. Most of our products are dairy-free. Our buttercream and cream cheese frostings can be dairy-free upon request. Cakes, cookies, bagels, brownies, and donuts are all dairy free.


Does Sweet Crimes have vegan products?

YES. Our donuts (our award-winning product!) and pumpkin bread are naturally vegan. We can also make vegan pies, vegan carrot cake, and vegan red velvet cake.


How far in advance do I need to place a cake order?

A week would be great. If you’re requesting a complex design that might require ordering fondant figurines, we need a few weeks. Simpler cakes can be turned around faster, but PLEASE give us at least two days’ notice.


Do any of your products contain peanuts?

  1. We do use walnuts, almonds, and pecans at the kitchen for various recipes, but absolutely no peanuts.


Do you deliver?

YES. We have delivered as far as Charlottesville, VA. In the DMV our rates are between $10 and $35, depending on where you are. Anything outside of that is calculated based on time and distance (the IRS miles per gallon rate).


Do you offer cooking classes?

We have done them before and can do them upon request. We also plan to start with AirBnB Experiences, so stay tuned…