National Donut Day

National Donut Day

We hope you didn’t miss out on one of Sweet Crimes’ favorite holidays, National Donut Day! National Donut Day happens on the first Friday in June every year. Did you know that Donut Day was started by the Salvation Army during the Great Depression? It was designed to commemorate the Salvation Army “Doughnut Girls” who brought supplies, cheer, and, of course, donuts to soldiers who were fighting in the front lines of World War I and II.


This year, we got into the spirit by frying over 16 dozen donuts for @eventsdc! That is over 192 donuts, for those of you who don’t have a calculator handy. Check out our sweet treats below:



If you missed getting your donut fix on Friday, you’re not out of luck! Be sure to pick up your donut fix from one of our local vendors, or have them shipped or delivered to you via our online store. Have a sweet week!

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